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L'occitane Almond Delicious Paste

Posted Aug 09 2010 10:00am
End of last year, I checked out L'occitane outlet and bought a body exfoliate. I bought the travel size to make sure what I thought about it before investing money in the future of this product. I'm almost at the end of this product and I think it's about time I review it!... hehe~
Product Review: L'occitane Almond Delicious Paste

Where can you purchase this: L'occitane store, outlet, or online at
Price: $8 for the travel size, 1.7 oz. (I believe the outlet was cheaper but NOT 100% sure)

Made in France

Information on the back: A delicious blend of almond butter and almond oil, infused with crushed almond shells and sugar crystals this exfoliating butter offers perfect exfoliation for the entire body.

Description on the website: A pure and delectable body treatment. Crushed almond nuts and sugar crystals, whipped with nourishing almond oil and almond butter, stimulate cellular activity and gently exfoliate skin. Massage the paste over wet skin to release the nourishing benefits of almond proteins. Skin will be smoother with its contours better defined and toned.


My thoughts: Before I talk about this product, I thought I would tell you about my body skin. I have horrible body skin and I'm ashamed of it! :X I have bumps on my arms and legs, and no matter what I do they never go away *sigh*. For that reason, I exfoliate and use rough sponges when I shower. I also moisturize my body every time I come out of the shower. If I don't do this, my skin gets worst *sigh*! By doing this, it hasn't improved my skin but it helps not getting worst... lol~ :X If anyone knows how to improve my body skin, PLEASE tell me!!!

The first thing I do with anything is smell the product... lol~ It's very nutty smelling. If you like nutty smells, you will like this. Since I'm not a big fan of nutty smells, I didn't like the smell much... lol~ :X The good thing is the smell disappears pretty quickly. You will smell it while exfoliating but once you wash it off, it's gone... wheee~ I also noticed the smell seems very organic. It seems very natural not chemically made which I really like! :)

They gave me L'occitane Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream. I was really excited to try this sample out because I'm a big body cream/lotion person. I have to if I want to improve my body skin... hehe~ :P I'm not going to thoroughly review this product, but just a quick note for myself. I have a tendency to forget what products I have tried and liked/disliked. I have a tendency to buy things again... lol~ When I write it on my blog, I can come back to look and remind myself. :X Yes, I'm that forgetful!... lol~ :P

Anyways from what I remember, I hated the smell!!! Oh mi gosh it was one of the worst smelling lotion/cream I have tried!!! :X If the smell was decent, I would have loved this product. I cannot pinpoint the smell but it was something I have never smelled before... lol~ In my honest opinion, I thought I would love the smell because I love fruity/citrus smells more than anything but this wasn't citrus-y at all. :/ Other than the smell, it was really moisturizing and reminded me of The Body Shop Body Butter; how it melt into your skin. I review The Body Shop Body Butter and you can see why I love it... hehe~ This cream was very moisturizing and felt great on the skin! Too bad the smell over powered the texture. :X

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