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Keisha Cosmetics Cocoa Butter Range {Product Review}

Posted Mar 02 2012 1:30pm
Not really impressive and I found it bulky and not travel-friendly. Utility wise also, the packaging is not very helpful. I would have instead preferred a simple regular packaging of a spray bottle for toner and a pump bottle for the glycerin. The body cream and serum come in tub and pump bottle respectively which is easy to use. I would also like to say that the quantity of the products is quite good. 

FragranceThe fragrance of the entire collection is almost same. In the first whiff, it does seem pleasant but may get overpowering for sensitive noses.
Cleansing Toner"Alcohol" is the second ingredient and "Witch Hazel" is the third. I would have preferred no alcohol. Alcohol is drying for skin. And, witch hazel gives it astringent qualities and is preferable for oily skin. It is entirely watery and not sticky at all so you can take it in hand and pat it over the face and follow up with the serum. 
Skin Lightening SerumHas to be layered on the toner or can be mixed with the face cream. And, can be used for elbows and knuckles and as a hand cream. It is light in consistency but gets sticky if taken in more than required quantity. Also, it does hydrate well and lightens up the skin immediately in a natural way.
Skin Lightening CreamIt is thick and moisturizing and can also be used as a body butter easily. The thing which bothers me is the usage of "Dimethicone" in it.
Skin Lightening Glycerin
This is to be applied on the hands basically but I used it to dilute the body milk and applied it on the body on the whole. I also used it to dilute the face cream to apply it on the body. And, it works quite well and disappears very easily into the body even if you go overboard with it but remember that glycerin leaves a slippery feeling on the skin which might not be very welcoming. It also lightens up the skin immediately.

Skin Lightening Body MilkI received samples for this so I would say that I can't really comment on how they worked. I used one sample a day for the whole body and it was quite thick to apply so I had to mix it with the glycerin and apply it. But, I would also point out here that generally the product in the sample satchets turn out to be quite thicker as compared to the product in itself.
Overall ExperienceI liked the product range because of the cocoa butter (which is present in all the products) and also because it definitely gives an immediate glow to the skin which is entirely natural. It did lighten up my black spots on the hands but I would not really say it made me fair but instead brightened up my complexion. No, I am not in the league to use fairness products and I reviewed this brand only to judge if it does any brightening and I am happy to say that it does only that.
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PS: Product provided by the brand. And, I skipped on the ingredients part because it is not a herbal brand and I have mentioned the ingredients which bothered me the most and no, it has no parabens.

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