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Just Gossip Vol. 7 - What did I pack in my travel beauty kit?

Posted Feb 19 2013 1:30pm

So, I just wanted to do a small post on travel kit packing tips. Will talk about the clothes later. So, lemme tell you my travel kit is generally the heaviest which my mom always keeps on complaining about!! But, my effort is always to keep it as small as possible. 

Since my trip was almost 10 days, I had to ensure everything was there. Since I don't use makeup, that keeps my kit lighter comparatively. Let us talk about skin, hair and miscellaneous items separately. Then, we will move to talking about modes of travel.

packing travel kit
Skin Care
  • Face Wash - Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Face Wash
  • Moisturizer - Nivea Creme
  • Sunscreen - MVO Moisturizing Face Screen + MVO Kid Safe Screen
  • Lip Balm - Nivea Essential Care + Nivea Pomegranate lip balm
  • Body Lotion - Nivea Body Milk + Johnson's Baby Lotion
  • Compact - Faces Mineral Pressed Powder
  • Face Oil - MVO Anti-Aging Oil+ 
  • Makeup Remover - Himalaya Baby Wipes
  • TBS Body Gloves  + Face Buffer
  • This looks like a Nivea store :D Ok, one sunscreen is enough. You might want to carry a new bottle so that you don't run out of it accidentally. Since I use face wash as a body wash as well, that was enough! And, I have no different moisturizing routine for night and day so that was equally fine. 
    I had actually carried a smaller bottle of Nivea body milk but I ran out of it so I had to get the Johnson's. I could have spared the compact and face oils as I didn't even use them! Well, they were not exactly heavy. Baby wipes are must from removing sunscreen to cleaning the hands in absence of water. And, body gloves and face buffer was for exfoliation purposes.

    packing travel kit    Hair Care
  • Hair Oil - Sesa Hair Oil + Parachute Jasmine Oil Sachets
  • Shampoo - Pantene Lively Clean Sachets (3)
  • Leave-in Serum - Dove Vita Oil Serum
  • Comb - TBS Wooden Comb
  • Hair Clips + Accessories
  • I skipped the conditioner because leave-in was enough and I wasn't sure how long would I get to get ready. You can skip the oil and go for the conditioner. If you use a brush, you might want to check out if there is a travel version of that brush available as well in a smaller size.
    packing travel kit
  • Oral Kit
  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal
  • Perfume Sample
  • Soap Strips
  • Medicines - Paracetamol + Pudin Hara 
  • Well, according to where you travel and what your preferences and problems are, you should take those medicines. Like, if you are prone to allergies, taking an Avil tablet  or if you are prone to motion sickness of any kind,land or water, don't forget those tablets. 
    Air Travel Ok, you need not carry the entire kit in your handbag so you can keep some of the essentials outside like face wash and oral kit if its an overnight journey (international flights), moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm, baby wipes and compact. 
    Keep the comb outside with other hair clips and accessories. Keeping the soap strips might help when you do not have face wash handy but if you are a sanitizer person, you can take that. And, some of the medicines should also be carried in your handbag.  
    Train or Road Travel Since you do not have to divide the baggage, you can keep the entire kit with you in an accessible place. Oh, yes, do not forget hand towel for especially train and road travels at ANY cost.I am mentioning this because sometimes I do :(

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