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Just Gossip Vol. 5 - New Year and New Resolutions on the Beauty and Blogging Sector

Posted Dec 30 2012 1:30pm

So, today is the last day of the year and since we made it through the apocalypse without any harm to Earth or its infrastructure, we should congratulate ourselves. And, welcome the new year with even more gusto. That calls for an introspection of what it means to die. 

Anyways. So, here is saying good bye to 2012 which has definitely taught me a lot of things but I am not able to recall anything of importance right away to share with you. So, let's see what I am planning for next year. 

My Blogging Resolutions for 2013
  • I shall try to blog regularly on the weekdays on both of my blogs, public holidays included :D
  • On a personal front, I would like to learn 12 new things this year and that would be different from the things we learn daily in life. I hope I am able to reach half of this goal :) 
  • Ok, so, this thing has been going on for some days and I want to announce my other blog in another niche. Its all about inspired living and its different. Its about life and relationships and all other things which I observe and write about. Since I have only started it on 12th December, I am kind of skeptical and would love your opinions on it. So, if you are interested, please go ahead and check out. The blog is Moments and Seconds :) Honestly, its not easy to write it but I am persevering!! 
    I am not really able to think of any more!! Any advises??

    What I realized in 2012
    • I was very shy to apply lip balms in front of others but now I give a damn to anyone who has time enough to stare at me. Yay! And, thanks to Roshni for this :)
    • I realized that I love red color in my footwear!! I got new floaters in red and I am loving them. I have to thank one very special person in my life for this :) 
    • And, I also realized that howsoever much I might love colors, I would always stick to monochrome. I am more utilitarian in my tastes as compared to artistic. And, when I try to become artistic, things don't get better :(
    • I had realized this long back but I don't only have two left feet but two left hands as well :D I can't carry lot of things in my hands so I need a huge sling bag or backpack instead of a trendy handbag!!  
    • I should read more books because it helps me think better and improves my perspicacity of things! Oh no, not self-helps one or the non-fiction types!!
    And, this is adieus to 2012. And, I realize I am an year older which makes me sad as well as happy!! See you folks in the new year :) Have a blast and wish you all a very very happy and prosperous new year!!

    Are you keeping any resolutions?? Do share. I am dying to know :)
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