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JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

Posted Dec 09 2010 8:48am
I'm sure if you read my blog you know how big of a fan I am of skin primers.  And if you haven't read my blog until now, well you're about to find out why I'm such a fan!!

Primers are meant to prep the skin, after it's been moisturized, to make the application of foundation or powder work to its full potential and to smooth out the skins surface.

The nice people at Reviva Labs were kind enough to send me one of their newest items, the Makeup Primer ( $19.50) to try out.  Here are some before and after pictures that I feel speaks volumes more than actual words I could type up.

Here is my before picture.  Only moisturizer, eye makeup, and lipgloss applied here. I focused in on the nose and bridge area bc it has the most discoloration.

Here is my after the Reviva Makeup Primer applied.  The packaging says you can wear it alone to create a flawless look and for an unbelievably smooth feel.  I agree it made my skin feel reeallly great and super soft, but I don't see much difference in my skin tone when worn alone.

Here is my after my foundation and concealer is applied on top of their Makeup Primer.  My skin looks pretty good huh?  No blush yet though.

And of course I had to include little Vivian in one of the photos bc she sat so quietly through my whole makeup routine (thank you sweet girl!) and watched my every move.  She deserved to get some camera time!!!

This is with blush applied.  Amazing how blush can also instantly brighten up a face!!

Now if I had to make some comparisons to my usual makeup primer ( Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free ) I use on myself and my clients I'd have this to say:

1.  Price wise, it's significantly cheaper.  For 1 fluid oz, Reviva's is $19.50, my Smashbox is $36 for the same 1 fluid oz.
2.  My Smashbox is oil free which I believe allows me to use it on all skin types.  The Reviva one doesn't say it's oil free although it claims to control excess oil.  My skin is super dry and so I feel that the Reviva didn't dry me out at all and almost felt a bit oily when applied.  This didn't bother me, but if you already have oily skin, this might make you feel too slick.
3.  Both primers are colorless but I feel my Smashbox is more mattifying for my skin.
4.  Both primers keep my foundation and blush staying put throughout the day, which is a big deal.

Overall I'd give this Reviva Labs Makeup Primer a 7 out of 10.   This website would be worth checking out because they have ALL sorts of other skin products to offer at pretty decent prices.  This company was also a winner for a 2010 Skin Care Innovator of the Year award as well as a Best of Natural Beauty Awards Winner.  Have a beautiful Thursday everyone!!
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