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JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Cellnique Skin Care Products

Posted Mar 16 2011 11:01pm
I think I can make a blanket statement and say that ALL women would like to have more beautiful, tight, blemish free, smoother skin.  Clear and flawless skin allows the rest of your facial features to shine through as well as making whatever makeup you are wearing (or NOT wearing!) look even better.

Cellnique's Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion on left, Contour Reversal Cream on right

So of course I was super thrilled when the skin care experts at Cellnique  contacted me to become a part of their blogging community and allowed me to try out some of their great skin care products to see what I thought!  Cellnique focuses on their Cx formulation which combines the power of biological active ingredients, natural plant extracts and antioxidants with a bio-delivery system that offers the best performance for immediate and visible results for various skin issues.  How's that for trying to achieve your best skin ever?!

If I could pick my perfect skin, it would be like my 6 month old daughter's!!  

Here's to erasing 32 1/2 years!!

They asked me what my skin type was and what skin problems I wanted to combat before they sent me some products and here's what I said
  • normal to dry skin that feels tight during the winter
  • getting deep forehead wrinkles as well as fine lines around my eyes

I want to share some before and after pics because I feel that pictures say more than words. 

CAUTION- And don't be scared- this is me with NO makeup on except for in my after photos I chose to put on a swipe of mascara, because after looking at my before pictures, I couldn't stand not to;-)   After around 3 weeks of using these two products, Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion (I used as an all over moisturizer) & Contour Reversal Cream (I used just on problem line areas like around eyes and forehead), here was my experience with them. 

My 3 weeks BEFORE Cellnique products. No major skin discoloration, but everything can be improved upon!

My 3 weeks AFTER Cellnique prodoucts. I feel my skin overall looks brighter and clearer!

AFTER up close eye photo- I didn't do an up close Before,  but this shows how few eye lines I have now! Pretty impressed.
AFTER nose and mouth shot- this is where I typically have a lot of redness but it seems to not be as obvious in this photo after comparing it to my very first  Before photo.

What I liked about these products besides that they did give fairly immediate although subtle results (I mean what can you expect in only 3 weeks?) was their smell and textures.  Smells were little to none, and the smell I did get from them was clean and almost aloe-like.  And both product's textures were smooth and silky and soaked right into my skin and had no taste (which I find some powerful creams have a nasty taste to them if they get too close to your mouth- yuck!!).

So would I purchase products from this company again for any other skin problems that might arise?  YES and YES.  Having good clear skin is key to feeling good and looking good, and makeup and concealers can only hide so much. Skin care products that work is where it starts.

So here is the fun part!!  This is your chance to try out the Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion in a 3ml size to my first 50 readers that register on their website and enter the following to receive the sample
1.  complete registration form
2.  where did you hear about us?  of course!!
3.  company- your blog's url (if any- but if you do, you could land a chance to do a product review)

Huge thanks to Cellnique for allowing me this opportunity, I am a big fan of yours now!!  
Check them out on Facebook as well for some great skin product updates and offers.

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