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Jennifer Aniston on The Daily Show (Oh, and did I mention I’m turning 30?)

Posted Aug 20 2010 4:13pm

She's got legs, and she knows how to use 'em.

Did you watch Jennifer Aniston on The Daily Show last night?  She and Jon Stewart had an awkward conversation about how they once went on a quasi-date 15 years ago, ruined by Jen “mistakenly” bringing along several of her friends. Sounds like the kind of immature nonsense I’ve pulled a time or two (“Ohhh, was this a date date?  My bad!  Well, now that we’re all here, let’s just hang…!), so I can’t judge.

Jen’s looking cute as ever–WTF is up with her ridiculously awesome legs?–and I am getting increasingly excited to see The Switch, which comes out today and co-stars Jason Bateman, essentially guaranteeing I’m going to love it. Entertainment Weekly gives it a B , and I personally think they’re usually spot-on with the criticism. (Although Lisa Schwarzbaum is always so much harsher than Owen Gleiberman. Relax, Lisa!  Not every chick-flick has to compare to Citizen Kane.)

Meanwhile, in will-you-shut-up-already-about-it?-news, my 30th birthday is coming up on Monday–egads!  People keep asking how I’m doing with it, and I feel as though I’m letting them down by responding, “Eh, you know, fine–what are you going to do?”  Soooo, the next person that asks how I’m handling turning 30 will benefit from me bursting into dramatic tears, throwing myself to the ground, and moaning, “Why, God?  Why?!”  Just kidding. (I think.)

The 30s thing really hit me yesterday while flipping through InStyle and coming upon a skincare page divided into advice for those in their 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. I balked for a second at the idea of having to read the 30s column, but then I realized that I’ve been getting Botox and using retinol for years, so it actually ain’t no big thing. If anything, with my skincare regimen, I should be reading the 40s column!

One of my best friends is currently in town from London for a week to help me celebrate, and although my actual birthday is Monday the 23rd, tomorrow night is the big bash. I’m looking forward to a long weekend of dinners, drinks, karaoke, parties, the beach, a massage…and hopefully a few surprises…

Peace out, 20s!  I think we’ve done each other proud.

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