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It's like the Makeup Angels spit on my face (MUFE Mist and Fix)

Posted Sep 24 2010 6:19pm
LOL, that title just grosses me out and cracks me up at the same time. I am 30 going on 14.

A very long time ago, I cruised into Sephora with a gift card to use up. There wasn't much on it, and I didn't want to spend too much either. So, I looked around at the little travel size section the store has, and I found the travel size bottle of Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Mist and Fix. I got it not really knowing what it was, but I was curious to find out. Then, after buying the bottle, it just sat on my dresser for about two months because I didn't know how to approach this little bottle of mist. I had used misting sprays before to set my makeup, but I had not really been truly, long-term impressed with any of them. I decided to become a major sleuth and I went on to learn what this Mist and Fix truly did. According to Sephora, this spray "sets makeup and prolongs hold, even in extreme conditions."

One day, I decided to finally open up the bottle and spritz the substance on my face. (Note to those who have not used this travel-sized version: the sprayer is aggressive. Instead of feeling a mist of setting liquid, I encountered several large drops on my face. So, I had to do some soft patting with my MAC 187 to disperse the mist. After my first try, I decided to go ahead and spray down my MAC 187 and pat that all over my face to set my makeup. Then, after several tries, I decided to spray the mist in the air and walk my face into the mist, which really was my favorite way to set my makeup.) After I sprayed the Mist and Fix on, I thought, "Meh, I am not so sure this is as awesome as I might think it could be." However, as the day progressed, I noticed that my face developed a really pretty glow, not oily at all, and my makeup was intact. Did I mention I started using this product during the summer?

So, after the first day, I continued to use it, and then I created a habit of using it every day (the bottle lasted for about 2.5 months). I have really grown to appreciate this product. Mist and Fix feels very soft and light on the face. It doesn't feel like I am wearing a setting mist on my face; it doesn't feel like hairspray. Mist and Fix feels like a refreshing toner that happens to work double duty in keeping my makeup intact for more than eight hours. After several weeks of constant use, I asked myself if I would be willing to buy the full-sized bottle at $27. After considering my oily skin, my constant battle at keeping my makeup intact, my all-over schedule, and my hormones making me sweat more profusely, I came to the decision that I could invest in this product. It really is a great product, and I just use two spritzes a day, so the full-size bottle would last a while for me.

Now, the reason I can't tell you how long the full-sized bottle would last is because I haven't bought it yet. The last time I walked into Sephora, to look for it because I used up my travel-sized bottle, they were out of it. So, in the meantime, I got a sample of the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, just to see how it compared. The sales associate gave me a generous sample of the All Nighter. So, I lived with the product for some time. Let me tell you, I prefer MUFE's Mist and Fix. The All Nighter feels a littler dryer on my face, and it caused me to break out on my chin. The All Nighter did really work at setting, but MUFE was a little gentler on my face. Plus the Mist and Fix is less expensive than the All Nighter and it has a little more.

Oh, but I just remembered, there is the Model in a Bottle setting mist too. So, I might try that out the Model in a Bottle before I settle on the Mist and Fix, but I don't feel inclined to buy the UDPP All Nighter.

Does anyone else like to use these setting mists? Has anyone encountered the Model in a Bottle setting mist?

5 out of 5 happy wallets. I mean, my wallet isn't too happy about the price of a full-size bottle (4.22 oz) at $27, but I haven't found anything that compared at a lower price level. Plus, my face feels nice, and I don't have to use blotting papers or worry about transfer. Now, the travel size bottle (.84 oz) costs $8, which is budget friendly, and it can last for several months depending on usage. The travel size is a great opportunity to try it.

Price: $8 (travel), $27 (full size)
Place: Sephora,

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