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Is Phototherapy Similar to Tanning?

Posted Nov 29 2012 7:18am

You can purchase cheap tanning beds for sale from popular online ecommerce stores. Shop and compare from a wide range and variety of tanning beds available on the market. Check their UVA specifications so that you will be able to make an informed choice.

Is phototherapy a better option than tanning beds?

Phototherapy (classically referred to as heliotherapy) is the selective exposure to daylight or certain wavelengths of light. This is achieved using a variety of instruments that includes diodes, lasers, and lamps. This type of therapy is used extensively in the treatment of psoriasis. Many people with acute levels of acne use this type of therapy. Can purchasing a tanning bed on sale produce these healthy results? Yes!

Look for cheap tanning beds for sale that have phototherapy-like capabilities. While phototherapy uses UVA rays, these healthy benefits can be achieved without the high risk of burning associated with UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate deeply into the skin, causing the skin to produce melanin—the brown pigment associated with a healthy tan.

Additional Benefits of Tanning

Tanning increases the Vitamin D production in the body, which assists in the production of calcium. This, in turn, helps to form and maintain strong bone structure.

Blood pressure can also be improved when you purchase a tanning bed on sale. In fact, according to a recent study conducted at Tulane University, the heart became stronger and pumped more blood when subjects were exposed to UV light.

Cholesterol levels can be reduced. Sunlight has been scientifically proven in numerous studies to reduce serum cholesterol. In a study conducted by The American Society for the study of Arteriosclerosis, 97% of the subjects had a 13% decrease in the level of cholesterol within two hours after the first exposure.


It is clear through research that cheap tanning beds for sale have benefits and play a role in any healthy lifestyle. Tanning beds are an essential equipment to have in one’s home. If you’re interested in learning more about tanning beds, simply visit There you’ll find a full range of beds and supplies along with other helpful information.

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