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Is Liquid or Solid Shampoo Best?

Posted Jun 04 2009 11:31pm
Mid Brain muses:

Maybe it’s just me, but these old ads for vintage cosmetics always make me smile. For example, there are at least three things about this old ad that make me laugh:
Shampoo ad

1) The step-by-step picture diagram showing you how to comb your hair (in case you don’t have a mirror, I guess).

2) The fact that the product is in a GLASS bottle. (Wet shower + slippery foam + breakable glass bottle = trip to emergency room.)

3) The way they make such a big deal about the shampoo NOW! being available in a liquid, lotion form. What were they using before? Powdered shampoo?? Bar soap?? (Yeah, maybe they were, this ad is pretty old!)

On second thought, it’s funny how times change. Now we have Lush Cosmetics Solid shampoo bars!

What do YOU think? Do you experiment with different forms of shampoo? Do you like other weird ways to wash your hair? Leave a comment and come clean with the rest of the Beauty Brains community.

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