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Injectable Filler Cheek Enhancement

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm

Hello, 4.5 years ago, I had Restylane injected in the undereye/top of cheekbone hollow, and ended up with terrible results. The eye hollow skin was permanently discolored (darkened/blueish). I am still faced with that discoloration, along with an assymetrical lumpiness 4.5 years later! I am now considering Perlane to lift up my cheeks a bit, and I watched your video on YouTube. Is it likely that I will have the same bad reaction to filler in my cheeks, or was my awful undereye experience a result of thinner skin, veins closer to the surface, or poor technique (or a combination)? Bottom line – because I had a problem with undereye injections, should I avoid injections uniformly? I have had Botox injections for a number of years with much success, but I am terrified of ending up with blue skin and moving lumps in my cheeks! Additionally, will the cheeks require as much recovery time as the undereye area? I was horribly swollen and black and blue for a good ten days, with an exceptional amount of pain and almost flu-like symptoms following the undereye Restylane procedure. One last question- is there anything to be done about the discoloration and solid undereye lumpiness? I try to hide it with makeup…any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

Perlane is a good choice for injectable filler cheek augmentation. It lasts for a while and is reversible. I also like Radiesse. Your bruising experience does not rule out further injections. You should just take precautions – take Arnica Montana for 2 days beforehand and 2 days after, make sure the doctor mixes lidocaine with epinephrine into the filler (either Perlane or Radiesse), use ice during the procedure and, most importantly, make sure that the doctor is experienced in facial filler injections.

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