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Incredible Alternatives for Those Suffering from Hair Loss

Posted Dec 30 2011 4:58am
Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss all over the globe. By the age of 50 almost everyone suffers from hair loss of some kind. The primary cause of hair loss still is not known.  It can be due to age, stress, chemical imbalances and many other factors. Some people feel that they have no resources when it comes to hair loss. Many men and women have tried products like Rogain and other shampoos that contain certain chemicals that help boost the production of hair and improve the overall thickness and fullness of the hair. If you feel that you have tried every alternative to hair loss but are just not seeing results it may be time for you to consider another way to improve the look and feel of your hair. Hair Transplant San Francisco can be the best way for you to regain your confidence and start growing your own hair.
There are numerous ways people will try to cover up their hair loss. For women, this problem can be particularly upsetting. There is no efficient way to cover up hair loss if you have not found a good solution to the problem. Hats, toupees, wigs and comb-overs are not the most flattering and can often make you feel more self-conscious about the hair loss. There is no effective way to make your hair appear that it is naturally full and long without some kind of treatment. Wigs, comb-overs and toupees can be very tricky. It is often very hard to match your hair type and make these pieces appear natural. These can also be costly depending on what kind of synthetic hair or real human hair is used. All of these options are incomparable to growth of your own thick full hair. With the help of Hair Restoration San Francisco, you can look younger with longer, thicker and fuller hair in no time.
Although there are hundreds of ways to cover up hair loss, nothing is better than your own natural growing hair. Hair loss can be particularly embarrassing for women. For many women they identify sexiness and feminism with having long hair. For women who are experiencing thinning and balding, this can be particular traumatic. Women have some options for thinning hair but they hardly look natural. Wigs are the most popular option but often have a way of making women appear much older than they are. There are also many limitations when it comes to wigs. They cannot always be styled the way you want and can be prone to damage. More natural looking wigs tend to be very expensive as well. If you are embarrassed by thinning and balding, don’t hesitate to see a hair Transplant Specialist San Francisco, to see what possible options may be right for you.
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