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I saw these smart shopping tips ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm

I saw these smart shopping tips recently and I think they’re really great. I must have lost count of the number of impulse buys I’ve made and regretted or ended up not wearing them. I’m sure you have too and in this belt tightening times, not wasting money on what you don’t really need should be at the top of your new year’s resolutions. Read these tips!


Stop wasting money and avoid these mistakes when you go shopping

Do you go shopping and always end up buying the same thing?  Are you tired of buying clothes you never wear?  Do you discover clothing in your wardrobe that you didn’t even know you had?

If you’re spending a lot on clothes but your style never improves, you’re making the same mistakes as most women when you go shopping:

  • Not having a plan for building a basic wardrobe
  • Not having a personal style

These are the biggest mistakes to avoid when it’s time to go shopping:

  • Not looking in your closet before you go shopping.
  • Not taking a list of what you really need.
  • Not prioritizing what you really need to buy.
  • Leaving without a plan of the stores you’ll shop at.
  • Wearing unsuitable clothing when you shop.
  • Going shopping when you’re feeling down.
  • Buying items you really don’t need just because they’re on sale.
  • Buying clothes that make you feel uncomfortable.


Never buy:

  • Boots that extend above the knee.  You’ll never wear them.
  • Jeans that are too tight.  You’ll be uncomfortable when you wear them, and you’ll stop pulling them out of your closet.  Besides, too-tight jeans aren’t flattering and they’re not good for the circulation in your legs.
  • See-through white pants.  There’s nothing worse than showing off your panties…
  • Bras if you don’t fill out the cups or if you’re bulging out of them.  You’ll look bigger than you really are, and even the best outfit can be ruined by an ill-fitting bra.
  • Miniskirts that are too short – unless you’re 20, you have the legs of a supermodel or you’re headed to the beach.


Some tricks for making a good purchase:

  • Keep your personal style in mind and be consistent.
  • Create a plan of what you really need.
  • Set a budget.
  • When you come across a piece of clothing that makes you feel good and fits with your style, buy it!
  • If you find something in black that you like and it works for you, buy two!
  • Put together a basic wardrobe.
  • Don’t buy anything on sale that you wouldn’t buy if it were full price.
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