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I keep getting this rash on my hands and has moved down my arms and butt and some on my legs it only occurs during my period?

Posted by Shanenea_PAW

It starts with stinging, I can feel it on my lips first then my hands, then i start getting red blotches on my hands and down my arm and butt and some on my legs. It itching like crazy and my hands start swelling and is painful to touch things after a couple days into my period is the worst i start forming blister looking in the middle of the red blotches I've even tryed popping it to see if anything would come out and nothing did. Then when my periods done my skin where the red blotches were start peeling, they get dry and I can peel the skin right off, my lips get so chapped then i can peel the skin right off and my skin goes back to normal this is after my period is done. Then the peeling on my hands where the blister looking stuff was it gets really hard and i can peel the skin that was just on the red blotches and my skin goes back to normal.
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