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I Heart Gel Eyeliners!

Posted Apr 21 2008 12:00am
Ever since I’ve started using gel eyeliners, I can honestly say that I very seldom use other types of liners as a primary liner. I’ve always loved the effect of liquid liners but I can’t apply them to save my life. Pencil liners are great for softer looks but it smudges way too easily especially in our humid weather. Since gel liners are so adjustable, I can create a clean line for a dramatic look or a smudgy line for a more natural look.

So, I’ve tried 3 brands of gel liners to date which are Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, Kate Gel Eyeliner and MAD Indelible Gel Eyeliner, which I’ll be comparing.

First up, we have the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner. This is the first gel eyeliner that I got and actually, it now belongs to my mom. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad though – just better for my mom. The texture of the liner is very smooth and has a slight powdery feel to it which is an itsy bit difficult to work with when I’m lining very close to the lash line. The lasting power of the gel liner is good but I find that it does smudge on me if I use the liner without eyeshadow. It doesn't smudge for my mom though which I find weird because usually I smudge pencil liners and mascaras faster than she does. Perhaps you should try it out at the counter first and walk around with it to see if it works for you. Despite all that, I find the liner to have the best colors of all. I got the Chocolate Shimmer Ink and it's just such a beautiful color. The shimmers are multi-colored and well distributed. The other colors are beautiful as well especially the shimmer ones like Ivy Shimmer Ink which is the next color that I'm eyeing for. Also, the jar looks very classy. Retails for RM65.

The second gel liner I tried was Kate's Gel Eyeliner. I got BK-2 which is a black with silvery glitter. They didn't have much of a color variety -- only black, glittery black and brown. Naturally, I'm a sucker for glitters. The liner came with a neat brush. It's short-handled so it's convenient to carry around in your cosmetic pouch and the brush density is good for the gel liner. The liner itself has a slight powdery texture rather than an actual gel. It glides on well but it probably dries too quickly for my liking. My jar is rather new and the content is already drying up slightly. Fortunately, there's a method to save dried-up gel eyeliners. The lasting power of this liner is excellent. It doesn't smudge for me with or without eyeshadow. The jar is also frosted like Bobbi's although not as pretty. Retails at RM40-RM45 at SaSa and Watson's.

Finally, I got 2 of MAD's Indelible Gel Eyeliners. Chocolate Mousse is currently my favourite daily liner because it's a very rich brown that is almost black so it's not overly dramatic and the texture is incredible. Not gel-like but sort of like hard butter. Glides wonderfully on my lid and doesn't smudge for me all though it does a little on plain lids. The liner stays on the whole darn day though if I use it with a base or eyeshadow. The other color I got was Black Cherry which is a black with dark red shimmer. I was expecting this color to be my favourite because the description and swatches were so beautiful but from my point of view, I didn't find the color to be as impressive as I was hoping it to be. The black wasn't a very rich black but just a dull black. The red shimmers were poorly distributed and just didn't look very impressive compared to Bobbi's colors. Despite the fact that I like this gel liner very much, it may not work too well for those with oily lids. The liner is hard to apply smoothly onto oily lids and the colors are difficult to build up. I have no problem with it but just saying, those with oily lids might. The jar is plain ugly compared to the other 2 liners. It's transparent, small, you can see the air bubbles on the inside of the jar and it's just very cheap looking. Fortunately, the content is good. Retails for USD8.99 but I got mine through a pre-order on LYN for RM35.

Out of the 3, I'd probably purchase more of the Indelible Gel Eyeliner when I get the chance because I really like the texture and it's quite affordable. The color variety isn't too bad either but I'm hoping to get a good shimmery color from the range since I was rather disappointed with the Black Cherry. I'm hoping to try MAC's Fluidline next.

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