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I have tiny, very itchy, patches of rash on my lower back, torso, back of neck. What is it?

Posted by foxjava

I have been battling with these tiny very itchy rash that never bleed nor blisters. When it runs its course, they leave a brown skin discoloration that stays for a long time. My doctor gave me a prescribed anti-itch cream but it doesn't seem to help. A year ago it started on my lower back, then in the armpits. Then it went away. This year, it's in my stomach area, lower hip area and on my lowe back and back of my neck again. It seems to appear toward winter time and throughout winter time. The patches of skin discoloration (when the rash dies away or dries out) puzzles me. I take a shower and wash my daily. I also wear lotion for dry skin and some over-the-counter anti-itch cream. It relieves the itch for a while. Please help me identify this type of rash.
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Fresh Aloe Vera will sooth the itch and speed up the healing.  Get Echinacea capsules and take 2 about 3 X per day (that will help with the rash internally).  Also, you can make a paste from Aloe Vera and break a few capsules of the Echinacea open, mix and spread lightly on the affected area (try legs or arms first).  It has been working for several people I've told.  Hope this helped.  Let me know if I can be of further service.
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