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i have small sores on my legs that look a little like pimples, itch and bleed if i over scratch. I am worried if their chicken p

Posted by juicy

they are like little lumps i can feel under my skin too. I don't have any skin problems or allergies that i know of- and i haven't used any new soap/medicine or cream on my legs recently ...could it be something to do with hair? a dirty razor? not that I've used one but just curios.
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I have 18 on my lower left leg at the moment. No idea. I had an unexplained staph infection on my back twice in the last two months but this is different. I have just used Betadine on it, and picked the odd scab off out of boredom and inquisitiveness, and it seems to be clearing. The red spots I have coming up now...well i just squeeze the tops of them onto a tissue, wash my hands and they seem to go away rather than festering. Im not goin to the doc so they can get paid to speculate. I am gettn better over 2 weeks. If u r conderned go c ur doc :) All the best
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