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How to Use Natural Homemade Face Scrub?

Posted Oct 31 2009 12:00am

natural homemade face scrubHow to use face scrub - it’s one of the most important question in your daily skin care. Face scrubs exfoliate the skin – that is they scrub off the dead or dry layers from the surface of the skin and expose the softer, pinker, healthy skin below.

Face scrub can be all natural, natural homemade or chemically based. Chemically based face scrubs use different strengths of things like salicylic or citric acids to remove the dead skin cells from your face. Be very careful if you decide to exfoliate your skin with a chemical face scrub as your skin can be allergic to salicylic acids or the concentration may be too strong for your skin. Natural homemade face scrubs physically scrub the dead cells off. They can be made with sugar, salts, citrus, mango, lavender, the most popular is made from the finely ground pits of apricots.

1. Wash face and neck as usual with cleansing soap or milk.

2. Use steam to open your pores or just place a hot towel on your face for few minutes.

3. Take a dab of the scrub and use circular motion to gently scrub your damp skin. Be sure you avoid getting the scrub on the area around your eyes.

4. Leave it on your face for a minute or two till your homemade natural scrub slightly dry.

5. Start to peel off the scrub with dry finger using gentle upward circular motions again.

6. Rinse off.

7. After procedure apply a light moisturizer for added softness.

For oily skin use it 1 -2 times a week.

For normal skin use it no more then once a week.

For the dry skin scrub should be used once in two weeks.

In the video below famous cosmetologist speaking about how to use chemical piling, scrub and cream scrub.

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