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How to take care of gray hair? {Hair Care}

Posted Aug 31 2012 2:43pm
This has been a long pending post which had been requested by Smile. I am so sorry for the delay. To start with, I don't have much experience with gray hair as my mom also has only couple of them coming up now that she is 51. And, she is not interested in covering them up. I do tell her to get the hair colored but she flatly says no.

Hair Coloring
This should come up as a different post altogether but I think its imperative to mention it here. You can always get your hair colored. Remember to get salon treatment. Shell out money coz its your hair!! It definitely falls on an expensive side when you count in the maintenance costs.

Henna-ing This is definitely the most common practice but it turns the white or gray hair into orange which people now a days absolutely hate. So, really doesn't do much of a job. Also, using Lush Caca Noir also doesn't work on gray hair. I had suggested it to one of my friends but she confirmed that it didn't work on gray hair.
Hair Science and Home Remedies The hair which has already turned gray can never be turned black naturally. For that you will have to color the hair. But, you can always prevent new gray hairs from coming up. Also, gray hair is a lot of times hereditary so in such cases, its a little difficult to control. So, let me suggest some home remedies to PREVENT gray hair.
  • Use mustard or sesame oil on a regular basis, like twice or thrice a week. A regular usage helps prevent the hair from growing gray. They also help with hair which has turned brown!!!
  • Black Pepper and Yogurt mask
  • Curry leaves are supposedly great for protecting the black color of the hair. So, infuse your oil with dried curry leaves. (learn how to infuse oil here )
  • Other herbs which are amazing to prevent hair from growing gray are rosemary, thyme and amla (Indian gooseberry). They also help with hair growth. 
  • So, what's your best bet to deal with gray hair?
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