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How to say NO to dry skin

Posted May 06 2009 1:34pm

A beautiful skin is an essential quality and a duty in a woman’s life. Each season puts our skin in front of a big test: dryness. We get informed, we go to beautician, we acquire quality products, we protect ourselves and sometimes all in vain. Wind, frost, lack of humidity in our homes, the make us greet the spring, looking like figs, waiting for mild sun irradiation.
So, after we respected the rules of care, specific for cold season, it’s time to forget them and to adopt new ones, appropriate to spring.

Skin moisturizer 1. Start with a general cleaning to remove dead cells and rediscover the natural radiance, shaded by  winter,  steam baths to open pores, peeling (for the most delicate and sensitive skin dry, abrasive for fat skin);
2. Using creams and hydrating mask  (for fat skin, these products are complemented by anti sebum ones) must necessarily contain vitamin A, E and C, hyaluronic acid and may be based on: aloe Vera, cucumber, chamomile, bananas, etc. ;
3. Preference for natural nuts oils, grapes, almonds, avocado, jojoba;
4. Aging skin  regains elasticity and radiance with cosmetics based on flavonoids and fitohormones;
5. Consumption  fresh fruits or juice at least once a day, reducing the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in daily diet;
6. Call for nutritional supplements to support the action of cosmetics;
7. Products with protection against UV rays;
8. At least 2l of water per day;
9. As much movement as you can, especially outdoors.

No matter how complicated these rules would seem, do not forget that skin is your card, the most visible one that recommend you or not. A beautiful skin is a sign of health of the whole body and femininity sign. You use it, so you have to take good care of it.

A complete protocol for treating dry skin from Lipikar

Lipikar La Roche-Posay Lipikar offers for each type of skin custom treatment. You have very dry and irritated skin? Then La Roche-Posay specialists recommend Anti-Irritation balsam. If instead you only have skin discomfort sensations, choose the best Anti-Dryness milk. In addition, Lipikar protocol offers complete care and treatment of dry skin: body milk and hand cream.
For more than 20 years, La Roche-Posay laboratories mission is to accompany dermatologists in the treatment of various diseases of dryness body.

For daily hydration use Preserve Body Moisturizer from Pevonia Botanica

Pevonia Body moisturizer Rich in oils, vitamins and Phyto-extract, Preserve Body Moisturizer recovers the essential lipid, leaving the skin soft and hydrated without the oily feeling. Repair and invigorate, enhancing skin elasticity. Natural product recommended for the whole family even children. Recommended for all skin types.
Preserve Body Moisturizer is quickly absorbed by the skin, instantly improves skin texture, relax and invigorate, exfoliates and leaves a pleasant sensation conferring well.

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