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How to Reduce the Orange Peel Symptom of Cellulite?

Posted May 29 2013 12:06pm
Facts about Cellulite-Dimpled Appearance: 
Cellulite is not dangerous disease yet this skin problem can be safely treated. Many people especially women feel irritated with these skin problems. Almost 90% of females have cellulite and mostly this occurs among obese people. Faulty eating habits lead to obesity that increases the amount of fat in body. These fats get deposited under the skin of thighs, buttocks and lower back.

This skin problem is seen commonly in younger age from 20 and above. Cellulite seems like orange peel in its initial stage and also causes dimpled effects on hips.   

This article reviews on some productive information about the orange peel cellulite its causes and how to prevent it. 

What are the causes of cellulite? 
Hormonal changes also cause cellulite appearance and make this condition more prevalent during puberty. The symptoms of cellulite includes restless leg syndrome, heaviness, pain and difficult to move. It is mostly visible on areas of legs, ankles, buttocks, arms and on lower back. Fat legs and over nutrition also causes cellulite orange peel in mature women. The skin appearance becomes more visible and dimples began to pinch after suffering from cellulite.

As this problem deepens and lumps starts to appear on surface of skin. These lumps are also called as cottage cheese effects. With aging the skin is more prone to lose its elasticity and this contributes to formation of bigger dips and bulges on skin.

This problem is also seen in men but on the upper part of the thighs and you can pinch your skin to see if dimples appear or not. If dimples are visible after pinching this proves that you are suffering from cellulite.

This problem can be classified into four stages; the initial stage this problem lies deep down under skin. You can identify it by
Natural ways to prevent cellulite:
To  reduce the orange peel  and dimpled effects of cellulite you should visit a skin specialist or can apply some simple methods at home.

There are different reduction methods without using chemicals or undergoing painful surgeries. You can follow these simple useful steps for preventing the cellulite on your skin.
  • Change your meal; add fresh veggies and fruits in your diet and avoid eating excess foods made from white rice and flour. Increase the intake of whole grain; this helps you with fibers which are beneficial to keep your elimination system clean. Add cold water fish in your diet. This is essential for reduction of essential fatty acids that helps reducing cellular damages. It also helps to rebuild newer and healthier cells.
  • Intake of high quantity of water helps hydrating your skin and gives a fresh look. It also helps retain beautiful skin.
  • Avoid excess intake of fried foods and fatty meals. Also avoid smoking; this is known to damage the skin tissues and cells which make them more vulnerable to worsen the cellulite condition.
  • Exercise daily for about 30 minutes; this will help you to burn fats thereby prevent the cellulite problems. Morning walk helps increase your blood flow and give you healthy skin.
  • Have a full body massage once in a month. This will support in breakdown of fat deposits and lymph under skin.
  • Research has proven that skincare products having organic ingredients helps in removing orange peels and also restores your skin.
Research has proven that skincare products having organic ingredients helps in removing orange peels and also restores your skin. 

Some tips to get rid of cellulite:
You can follow the natural ways to reduce the orange peel symptoms of cellulite. Cellulite creams are safe and easy to use method for treating cellulite. Read reviews to get  best cellulite creams  for minimizing cellulite spots.
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