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How To Paint Baby Girl Toes

Posted Jul 28 2011 8:03am
I have just experienced what it's really like to have a baby girl. Yes, she is almost a year old and I've gotten to enjoy all of the girly things like clothing, bows, nursery decor, baby dolls, etc.  But nothing has compared to the joy I felt when I painted Vivian's toe nails for the first time.

Please do not think me shallow, but this is a big moment for a makeup artist who loooves all types of beauty products (that includes, face, hair, and nails!) and has raised two little boys before her!!  My boys won't let me touch their toes with nail polish, believe me, I've tried.  My boys aren't trendsetters (yet!) like Gwen Stefani's little boy Kingston who I've seen sporting some nail color on his toes here!

Aren't these little purple piggies the cutest?

Since I had my Viv, I've been waiting for the chance to put polish on her bc I've always thought there's nothing cuter on a baby girl than painted digits!!  I thought this was going to be a more difficult task than it was, bc she is ALL over the place and never still unless she's sleeping.  Fortunately, I think toes are easier than finger nails will be.

But I found the perfect recipe for baby toe painting- strap her in her beloved highchair to keep her busy by feeding her while I worked on the toes!!!

Viv grabbing her newly painted toes-  she was very intrigued once she saw the finished product!
Since there is a tray over her feet, she couldn't really tell what I was doing which made her not so interested in the nail painting!  This literally took all of 5 minutes bc let's face it- those nails need one dot of polish to cover those tiny things.  I used

1.  Sally Hansens Insta-Dri Nailpolish in color Pronto Purple ($5).  The reason I used this is bc I had bought two colors in this formula, one was a shade of red, blogged about here , and it was super fast drying and you only needed one coat.  I'd been on the look for a specifically kid friendly nail polish but only found this water based one on site called Hopscotch.  And honestly I didn't want to have to order a polish and wait on it to arrive, I wanted to paint them now!!

2.   Face Secrets Cotton Tip Applicators ($2.50) .  These were great for the one big "oops" I had- one of her middle toes got more purple paint than necessary.  They have dual tips, with one of them being super pointy so I could use it to get precisely around that itty bitty toe nail.  I love these things, they are a wonderful cheap beauty tool.

3.  Publix non-acetone polish remover.  No real reason for using this brand- just got the job done of removing my mess up.

I have a feeling Vivian's toe nail beds will never be bare again.

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