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How To: Making eyeliner on your waterlines stay put...

Posted Aug 08 2012 7:45pm
Who loves putting eyeliner on your waterlines?  (raises hand)

As mentioned on one of my recent posts, I love using a white (sometimes beige) eyeliner on my waterlines to fake an awake look.  But I hate it when my liner would disappear even before I'm out of the house!  I've been on a search for an eyeliner that would last all day on the waterlines but haven't seen one yet.  Of course, Revlon is an exception but I want one that's either white or beige.  

For today, let me share with you a technique I've learned on how to make eyeliner on your waterlines stay put.
On most days, I'd use a black eyeliner...but for an "AWAKE" look, I use white or flesh-tone liners

What you need:  a clean Q-tip.   To make sure it's free of "himulmol" (strip of cotton) so you won't irritate your eyes, you can rub/roll it in between your clean fingers first.

there's your eyeliner!
But it doesn't end there.  Get a pointed brush, or any small, flat brush and dip it on your preferred shade of eyeshadow then...

This will keep your eyeliner from going down to your lashlines...

 This won't assure you to make your eyeliner stay put on your waterline all day, but this would definitely make it last longer than the usual.  I am yet to find a white or beige eyeliner that would last all day, so for now this technique would do.  If you know of such an eyeliner, let me know! (wink)

I hope this helps!

Stay safe and dry everyone!

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