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How To Make Your New Shoes (Cheap or Expensive!) Feel More Comfortable

Posted May 18 2010 6:22pm

When it comes to material things, if makeup is my first love, SHOES would have to be my second love. Shoes are such a fun and easy way to accessorize any outfit...kind of like a different shade of lipstick or gloss can do!!

I am a sucker for inexpensive shoes and pricey shoes- I don't discriminate, whatever makes my feet look the best!! However, not necessarily feel the best. So I recently bought a pair of realllly cute but really cheap ecru colored sandals at my local TJ Maxx, (they always have the greatest shoe finds for cheap if you have time to look around) how cheap? Try $14.

However, they FELT like $14 because there was basically no sole to them and felt like I was walking barefoot on the ground.

But no worries, I found a way to correct that little problem, and make these super cute flower-like sandals feel like I paid $50 for them. Foot Petals to the rescue!! If you haven't discovered these foot cushion products, then I'm here to enlighten you. I purchased a pair of the "killer kushionz" ($12) from Stein Mart which are skinny 3/4 pads that stick nicely into the sole of the sandal creating a nice cushiony feel for those pesky cheap flat shoes.

They are ever so thin and skinny, so even with high arches like I have, they are barely noticeable (check picture above). And these Foot Petals now come in all sorts of colors and prints and sizes and shapes...every fit you could ever want!! Just browse through their website, it's actually really cute for such a boring product that actually make your feet smile;-)

And one last interesting tidbit about accessories since we're on a roll. In my latest June InStyle magazine I found a piece of pricey jewelry featured that looks extremely similar to one I already own and blogged about, that I DID NOT pay as much for!

Check out the similarities between these 18kt gold rings worn by actress Zoe Saldana (I took a picture of a picture in my magazine, so might be a bit difficult to see) that retails for $800 EACH-they are stackable rings, then my ring from LuShae Jewelry that is one single ring and only $129 for all three colors! It makes me so happy to see something I currently own in one of my favorite fashion magazines that I didn't pay celebrity prices for!! Oh the little things.

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