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How to Keep Health And Beauty In pregnancy

Posted Sep 24 2009 8:16pm

There are many ways to keep your body healthy during the pregnancy lasted. A woman had to hear all advice given by family friends and even from a doctor. A number of ways such as keeping nutrition and exercise is an effort to maintain fitness during pregnancy. Pregnancy should be enjoyed. Although weight gain can not be avoided, prospective mothers can still look beautiful and healthy. These are a few tips to keep healthy and beauty.

  • Skin Care
    Pregnancy often brings a change in the skin, such as more dry, oily, or acne. Do not forget to keep doing facials. Clean the remainder of cosmetics before bed and put on moisturizer and sunscreen before you move in the sun. Stretching the skin due to the enlarged abdomen can also cause itching or brown streaks. Special cream or baby oil can help reduce it, but the success of stroke also depends on the 'innate' respective bodies. 


  • Selecting Cosmetics 
    Nausea and dizziness during pregnancy is often a lazy pregnant woman to dress up. And make-up will make a brighter face. With a fresh look beautiful and pregnancy was no longer perceived as a burden. In pregnant, you should more carefully choose cosmetics. If you use a special cosmetic dermatologist, check whether the material used is safe for pregnant women. Prospective mothers are also not recommended for facial treatment with chemicals, such as the AHA, formaldehyde acid, glicolic acid, and so on, because it is dangerous to the fetus. 


  • Hair Care 
    If you have oily hair types, usually during pregnancy, hair condition will feel oily. There are pregnant women who experience dry hair conditions and branching. Have a hair cream bath is doing fine, especially if the treatment in the salon will make mothers more relaxed. Just do not do massage the scalp too hard. Gentle massages as it can cream bath circulation.
source: http://www[dot]plazandreok[dot]org


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