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How To Get Your Best Bridal Makeup Look

Posted Jan 10 2014 11:04am
How does one nail the best bridal makeup look for their big day? It starts with a really simple concept.  And it doesn't require you to think about specific techniques or products...that's for your makeup artist to figure out!

{The ultimate 21st century modern bride - Princess Kate.}

Here's my advice, ready..."Go for a slightly more glamorous version of your natural everyday makeup."

Yep, that's it.
Think Kate Middleton at her wedding (I know she's a princess, but she's still a real person like you and me!).  Her makeup was traditional, timeless, and it reflected her usual everyday look we are used to seeing her in but it was bumped up a notch (bold lashes, brighter blush, flawless complexion).

Unless you are more of the type that wears wild, crazy, and colorful makeup on a daily basis (then you go girl), don't go wild and crazy with your makeup on your wedding day.  You'll just look back at those pictures 30-40 years down the road when you're showing them to your grandchildren, and go "WHAT was I thinking, and WHO is that girl?"  If you've never worn a bright red lip in your life, don't try to pull it off on your wedding day.  It's not the time (plus red lips are super high maintenance, so you have to be willing to commit to the effort into keeping it up).

Here are some specific examples of timeless makeup looks to show you what I mean.  All looks created by ME!

When you look at these girls, I don't want you to think, "WOW, that's some good makeup."  I want you think, "WOW, they look so happy and beautiful."  Of course you want to look more glamorous on your wedding day than any other day of the year, I TOTALLY get that.  But you also want the people attending your wedding, or more importantly your groom, to recognize you walking down the aisle and not wondering who that smokey eyed fuchsia lipped vixen is!

So when meeting with your makeup artist about your wedding face (trial runs are a really good idea, because you don't want the surprise on your big day to come in the form of your makeup!), make sure you tell them your everyday makeup style and routine to start off with. Are you a minimalist by heart, wear moderate amounts of makeup everyday, or do you go for the gusto with a full on Kardashian face just heading to the grocery store! This will help your artist know where you're coming from and where to go from there.  That being said, don't be surprised when it takes a lot of makeup, to pull off a "naturally" enhanced look:)

Here are some specific bridal makeup posts I've done in the past, here , here , and here .

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