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How can you remove white scars on morena skin? please help

Posted by missya

  I have "OLD WHITE SCARS" on my legs,
my skin is darker than my scars,
pls help me for this some cream or ointment to darken my scars..
PLEASE HELP ME... :(   my old white scar

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Shea butter + Almond oil. half and half togeher. heat up. and blend.

put on a few times a day. this also gets rid of stretch marks.


Grape oil. Grape oil is used for so many things! stretch marks, scars, food, massge, nails, hair, lube..

Aloa Vera Juice. (or gel. juice is best) put on scar.. its a healing plant.

(all products i listed are natural. No chemicals!!)

I have had sever acne in the past and was left with unattractive scars on my face. I purchased the Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum from their website online - it was medium expensive for a scar cream - because I needed a solution. The Max Powers Scar Cream does work well, but don't expect to see results instantly. You need to apply it regularly and consistently for about a month in order to see results. It really does work though. My scars are much more toned down and less visible.
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