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How can relieve intensely sore, red, hot and dry skin on face?

Posted by philzee

I have suffered with exczema for years but recently have developed excessive dry and intensely sore (hot) skin on the face.  It is painful in the extreme and basic emollients or even steroids do nothing to help. 

I have used light steroids on my face in the past to treat the exczema but this soreness seems to be a different skin condition in the extreme.

The redness also covers some areas of my body - lower back and chest and inner thighs in particular although it is not as bad as my face.  Every morning I awake to skin that is so sore I barely move for the pain. 

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I wonder if you might have rosacea as well?  It sounds like my entire last year and can be very hard to diagnose once it gets aggrevated.  Stop the steroids and such.  Wash your face several times a day with a very bland soap such as Neutrogena (not acne  bar), Basis, Purpose.  If it is burning, it is likely not excema.  The key for me was gentle, as gentle as it gets.  Water, glycerin bar soap.  Not much else.  There may also be an allergic reaction going on by the locations you mention.
A little about me: 
-My reason for buying the made from earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer: to use as a moisturizer for my face and treat ends of my hair 
-My skin type: Combination (Oily t-zone (acne prone) and normal cheeks and chin) 
-No skin conditions and No allergies 

First two days were fine. Made my skin smooth and hydrated. On the third day, I had spots on both cheeks and chin (itchy red pimples and dry flakey cheeks mainly around those itchy pimples). I thought it was odd, so, I tried using a clay mask to get rid of the spots, and I noticed that no oil of any kind came from around the breakout area. So, I stopped using the Made from Earth moisturizer since it was the newest facial product that I tried. Then, I tried my old facial cleanser (Note: Cleanser that I used while using Made from Earth was Botanics deep skin brightening cleanser. The one I switched to was Clean and Clear Deep cream cleanser) and it cleared up the dry spots and blemishes overnight by about 40%. So, I tried Made from Earth again, and my face didn't break out. It kept it very hydrated and works great! 

What I use it for now: 

- Nighty moisturizer for face 
- Lip balm 
- Cuticles 
- Hand Moisturizer 
- Heal scars (works best on recent scars from what I've seen) 
- Eye cream 
- Treatment for ends of hair 

My verdict: LOVE IT! I'm probably going to use this for the rest of my life so long as they make it as is or better. So, I definitely recommend Made from Earth Vitamin Moisturizer, but only if you have a good enough cleanser! 
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