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Hold Everything With The Hold Me Bag

Posted Oct 14 2011 10:36am
If there is something you love to collect or even use daily, say nice shoes or expensive/costume jewelry, you must own something to store it in to keep it safe, organized, and clean.  For example, nice shoes you might own a shoe tree or clear shoes boxes (I do!) and for jewelry, a jewelry box or cloth jewelry bags so each piece doesn't get tangled and is separated for ease of finding the piece you're looking for.

Perfect example, I LOVE makeup, and I LOVE my HOLD ME COSMETIC BAG to hold and store my precious makeup!!

I did an in depth review of this bag about a year and a half ago here , and am still a huge fan of my Hold Me bag today.  I use this sophisticated and cleverly created makeup bag EVERYTIME I travel somewhere.  It is the perfect shape and size to fit exactly what a makeup maven like myself needs when she doesn't really need every piece of makeup she owns (that'd be ridiculous!) but she wants enough variety to choose from while away.  I included the picture above bc I have gotten inquiries over the year about how big is it exactly, so figured this would give you a good idea.  It's not too big, not too little, it's just right! 
If you want to see other opinions of this bag to confirm how genius it is for storing your brushes without them getting squished, check their "words" page here , where you might even see my glowing review included;-)

I filled my bag with everything I used on my makeup look below for you to get an idea of  exactly what kind of "village" it takes to create my daily face!!  And there is still PLENTY of room left in this bag to hold many more brushes, cosmetics, and hair accessories.  This is the "Miss Suki" print- makes me feel like Gwen Stefani and her harajuku girls;-)

This is pretty much an everyday look for me- not too bare, not too dramatic!

I received a compliment while out to lunch with my kids on my eye makeup, and she wanted to know what "color" -singular- I used for eyeshadow!! I had to reveal that I actually have on 5 shadow colors-Ha!!  And my Hold Me bag holds all of them and more!
I am updating all of my lovely readers about this cosmetic bag because they have recently launched their newest prints  and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, and they are offering the perfectly pink "Peppermint Pattie" print at a special price ($59!!) with proceeds of the sale going towards breast cancer research.
Miss Peppermint Pattie herself.   Who doesn't love to support an important cause that you'll be reminded of every time you put on your face?
This bag puts an end to those cheapy cookie cutter drugstore clear makeup bags that just clumps all of your makeup together at the bottom and the zipper eventually sticks or breaks off- yes, I speak from experience and I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about!
So if you've been wanting a reason to get one of these bags for yourself, now is the time to treat yourself or someone you love who loves makeup!  
Are you on the Hold Me Bag bandwagon like JennySue is?  Jump aboard!!
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