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High heels torture

Posted May 06 2009 1:34pm

High and thin heels are sexy, trendy and offer you a great look, but you must know, besides discomfort, which you certainly feel at each step, walking on heels has other disadvantages too.

posture First, the position is unnatural and it is send vicious to your spine, and knees. The higher the heels are, the internal knee is powerful requested, reaching even serious damage or defects in joint (bold or tough ligaments, arthrosis, or arthritis).

Heel pain Do not forget knots, that appear after seeing the world from “up there” for several years. Added venous disease, problems with the heel (whitlow, circulation disorders, osteoarthritis, and defects in nail growth), heel skin thickening, and strengthening, actually resulted in the formation of callus on your heel - a calcified node - terrible producing pain. High heels shoe x-ray The best thing to do is to wear your normal shoes, and the new ones and very high ones only in special occasions, and less in the way to work or to the supermarket.

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