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Posted Feb 22 2011 3:33pm

I have been researching about these shots, and the two places out of all it boiles down to is xxx in Tijuana Mexico, or yyy in Cucuta Colombia.
The reason why xxx is one of my options is because I’ve seen azteck girl blogs and photos and it looks amazing! They told me app for 500cc total is 5,000. Kinda pricey. But like the fact I can actually contact them by phone.
I saw a few people post the had injections from zzz in Colombia but no actual personal before and after photos. They quoted me for 600cc 3,500. Not bad. But its very annoying the fact they only email you! They do have a number but its a out of country number. On there site the before and after photos look amazing but on xxx  before and afters don’t look as great, but based on azteck girl’s blog and personal experience and photos make a huge difference. My brain hurts from trying to pick..Save about over 1,000 and go to Colombia or go to xxx where it seems some what more legit? Anyone who has been to either of them personaly, recommendations to other PMMA docs, or just opinions? THANK YOU!!

You are playing with fire!

Every few months, it seems, there are reports in the media of unfortunate people dying from high volume buttock injections. What happens is that the material injected (silicone, PMMA, etc) gets into a blood vessel and travels up to the heart, lungs and brain. What we do not hear about are the many people who survive the procedure but have poor cosmetic results. I always tell my patients not to put pressure on an area that has been injected so that the injected material does not displace. The buttocks is an area where you obviously cannot do that. I would imagine that the frequency of lumpiness after high volume filler injections to the buttocks is very high and if a permanent filler like PMMA is used, there will be very little that can be done about it after the fact.

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