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› Share page: 25 yr old female ...i have a laprotomy scar on my looks keloid formation

Posted by drzillehuma

i have a scar mark of laprotomy on my abdomen that really looks awful as im getting married n it also annoys my got stretched on lower abdomen of about 1 cm.....i want to get rid of it....i got operated for intestinal adhesion after appendicectomy when i was 7 yrs old...not it really bothers me n im tense bcoz of the cosmetic reasons....please tell me some solution  waiting for ur reply ...thank you


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Contractubex is the best to remove scars. It will take some time to ged rid off them but it worths it! I'd recommend it in your case. If you have no prescription, you can buy it online at
thank u so much for ur nice of u:)
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