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Hello, 30s, pleased to meet you!

Posted Aug 23 2010 2:10pm

I’m 30!  And I’m still alive, praise Jesus.

You’ll have to forgive me for being completely self-indulgent recently–as if I’m the first human being in the history of the world to reach the 30 milestone, ever–but I’ve always been a bit of a narcissist when it comes to my birthday, so it’s really no surprise that I treated this one as if I were the Queen of freaking England.  Although I doubt Queen Lilibet celebrates her birthdays with prodigious amounts of champagne and VeeV while stalking Liam Hemsworth at her chosen party venue.  (He was there!  And holy schnike, is he hot.)

Today’s my actual birthday, but I’ve been celebrating all week long, and Saturday was the big shindig night.  Thanks to the magic of gift cards, I was able to buy a new dress at H&M, a new pair of shoes at Nordstrom and get a bouncy blowout…all for only $13!  We went to Palihouse, one of my favorite LA spots–where they plied me with blueberry-filled pink champagne–and we had a groovin’ time until 2 am.

So far, today’s been magical–and I’ve barely done anything yet!  British Katherine and I are about to have lunch at the Chateau, then are going to see The Switch at the Arclight.  Tonight, we’ve got korean BBQ on the books, followed by late-night karaoke.  There is very likely some Livin’ on a Prayer and Sweet Caroline in my future…

Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday today – I love you all!

Finally, my friend Sarah Klein of Sarah Klein Coaching today sent me the following blog post–very apropos!–and I loved it so much, I decided to repost part of it here:

“So this seems to be the year that many of my hip, hot, and happenin’ clients are turning 30. Some are excited and are embracing the new decade with wide open arms, and others… well others want to bid adieu to their 20’s like they want a hole in the head. So I set out to figure out what it is about turning 30 that has them freaking out (besides the obvious reasons like loose hanging skin that — I swear — appeared overnight, new wrinkles around the eyes that never used to be there when I smiled, and an alcohol tolerance that went from 10 to 2 in seemingly a matter of months) and these are some of the common thoughts I kept hearing:

“Life has not progressed how I planned.”
“I always thought that I’d be married/have 2.5 kids/own a house/make partner/fill-in-the-blank by the time I turned 30. I don’t have that stuff, so I’m behind/I’ve failed/I suck/etc.”
“Everyone else has it together by 30.”
“30 is old.”
“Well now I’m 30, so I have to get serious and buckle down.” (translation: stop having fun and turn boring)
“Now it’s too late to ______ (pursue my dream or passion).”
“I haven’t achieved as much as everyone else my age.”
“I thought I’d be more advanced in my career by now.”
“I thought I’d be financially stable by now.”
“I thought Prince or Princess Charming would have arrived by now.”

Ok enough. You get the point…”
Read more here!

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