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Healthy moisturized lips during winter time

Posted Nov 22 2010 8:24am

Cold weather affects your lips? If you manage to protect hands with trendy gloves or hair with funny hats, lips remain unprotected whatever you do. Here are some simple, natural and cheap, methods that will help you get rid of discomfort and cracked lips and keep them soft and smooth for a long time:


You might think that when you use an exfoliating cream for the face, you can get rid of cracked skin on your lips with the same product. Only that lips are more sensitive and will only worsen the situation. Call a simple and handy trick: in the morning, gently massage your lips with a soft toothbrush.


homemade-lip-balm-woman-use-in-winter-for-healhty-lips More and more lip care products contain … water. Yes, water, an element so accessible to everyone. So the first step to a healthy body and also for your healthy lips is to drink plenty of water each day. And the first step to consume a significant amount of water daily is to have always with you a 0.5l bottle, which you fill every time it ends.

Lip balm “homemade”

Surely you’ve purchased at least once before a lip balm based on Vitamin E, honey and olive oil. Why not make use of these ingredients in their natural form? For instance, the easiest way to create a natural lip balm is to massage your lips every night before bed with honey. In addition, for greater effect, you can use it combined with propolis and olive oil. During the day, opt for a calendula cream, which you find in any drugstore, and apply it on your lips whenever you remember or feel your lips cracking.

Give up unhealthy habits

woman-careing-for-her-lips-winter-healthy-lips You may think that your lips get softer and softer when your wet them with your tongue. In reality, this is usually more damaging than you think, because you remove the thin layer of natural fat and you expose them to cold and wind. Then, they get cracked, and you tend to bite them, in order to remove the damaged skin. Try quitting the habit and drink plenty of water to keep your lips and skin moisturized.

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