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Have you tried Aloe Vera? {Skin Care}

Posted Feb 20 2013 1:30pm

Yup, I know you would have already used it. I have also been recommending aloe vera since ages. But, today, I am going to talk about my friend's routine with aloe vera which she is very diligent about.

She is from Delhi and surprisingly she did not find aloe vera plant in Hyderabad. Really, right? Nah, aloe vera is easily available here but she or rather we were too lazy to buy a plant and nurture it.
Also, keeping an aloe vera plant among girls can dry it faster than a rose plant in a desert :D Well, obvious, no? Granted that aloe vera plant is quite adaptable but still you get my point! Anyways, coming back to my friend, she got lotsssss of aloevera leaves from home and keeps them stored in the fridge. 

And, almost every evening or once in three days (I don't know the frequency), she takes a small piece of the leaf and rubs the entire gel on her face for like 30 minutes or so while watching television. 
And, then, she rolls off all the extra pieces or small sticky things present in the leaf which cling to the skin and lets the gel get absorbed entirely. And, she sleeps just like that without washing it off.
Results? S attests to the fact that this is one of the reasons why her oily skin turned normal. She is prone to pimples but fortunately its frequency has decreased. And, as I said, she does this very very diligently!!
So, for all the oily beauties, try this and you might get lucky! Also, for all skin types, aloe vera improves hydration of the skin and makes the skin glowing and really supple!! This is one of the great skin care tips for summer as well.
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