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Harness the Power of Sunlight with a Tanning Bed

Posted Nov 20 2012 3:18pm

Bathing in the warmth of sunshine on your tanning bed delivers wonderful benefits. Your skin needs periodic tanning. Of course, you become darker and more beautiful, and there are additional healthful advantages.

Your body receives a vigorous dose of naturally produced Vitamin D, and this is delivered through sunshine. Without Vitamin D, your bones become brittle, you become more prone to cancer and heart disease, and the calcium absorption in your body decreases.

Here’ a Summary of the Health Benefits of Tanning:

• Sunlight is the safest and best source of Vitamin D. This vitamin has more functions than you thought. It is linked to preventing cancer and heart disease. Traditionally, Vitamin D has always been connected to bone structure formation and calcium absorption.

• Studies indicate that exposure to the UV (ultraviolet) rays of the Sun help reduce blood pressure. Exposure to UV rays makes the heart stronger and helps it pump blood more efficiently, according to a recent study conducted at Tulane University.

• Dermatologists use heliotherapy (the exposure to sunlight) for treatment of acne, psoriasis, and other skin disorders.

• Cholesterol levels can be reduced. Because an efficient heart pumps blood more vigorously and flushes out fatty deposits on the interior arterial walls. An efficient heart reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis. In a study conducted by The American Society for the study of Arteriosclerosis, 97% of the subjects had a 13% decrease in cholesterol within two hours after the first exposure to sunlight.


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