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Happy (Belated) Birthday Duchess Kate!

Posted Jan 11 2013 2:39pm
Duchess Kate official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in London, by Paul Emsley

I mean, Kate looks beautiful, as always...but why did Paul Emsley paint her as a 47 year old? What's with all the wrinkles? (Portrait by artist Paul Emsley)

What a terrible Duchess Kate obsessive I am. It was her birthday two days ago, on January 9th, and I didn’t even commemorate it with a Happy Birthday post. Forgive me, Kate.

Here’s the perfect opportunity for a make-up post, however: Kate’s official portrait was unveiled today in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Duchess Kate wearing a red Whistles dress at the National Portrait Gallery

Kate, wearing a red Whistles dress. Gorgeous shade! Me likey.

Kate’s parents and James/Pips were in attendance, as was, obviously, Prince William. (Can we send him some Viviscal hair vitamins, stat?) I’d just been thinking last week about how we probably weren’t going to have any Kate sightings for a while, but golly-gee, here we are with three! Kate went to see Cirque du Soleil Kooza with her family for her birthday on Wednesday.

Duchess Kate and Prince William at Cirque du Soleil Kooza for Kate's 31st birthday

The older William gets, the more and more his royal genes pop. The Mountbatten-Windsor is strong with this one.

There was some big news on Kate’s birthday, meanwhile: the Queen announced that a daughter born to William and Kate will automatically receive the title Princess. The royals have all sorts of ancient decrees that pertain to titles, inheritance and such, with the female children of the (future) Prince of Wales, in the past, only automatically receiving the title Lady. (Under the Letters Patent of 1917, Baby Girl Cambridge wouldn’t become a Princess until Queen Elizabeth died.) Plus, with the recent changes–so many changes!–if Baby Girl Cambridge pops out first, she’ll eventually be Queen, even if she has a younger brother. It’s kind of a big deal. Gender equality? In England? In the Monarchy?

Kate Middleton: rocking the royal family like a hurricane.

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