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Happiness! (And good dating skills, to boot!)

Posted Feb 20 2009 5:34pm

Yahoo often has super interesting articles about dating, marriage, and differences between the sexes–and when I start reading one of their pieces (for example, Dating 101: Will He Ever Marry You? ), I’ll find myself down the rabbit hole 20 minutes later, having clicked from link to link to link.  While perusing Dating 101: Are Bad Dating Habits Keeping You Single?, I came across an excellent quote that resonated with me and which I wanted to share:

“So many of us put off personal happiness waiting for some external result like “I’ll be happy when I lose weight, when I pay off my debts, when I get a better job.” The truth is, you deserve to enjoy your fabulously imperfect life right this very minute!When you stop putting off happiness, you start attracting happy people, healthy relationships, exciting and new opportunities. Instead of postponing joy until something external happens, today’s the day to start celebrating the joy in your everyday life.”

Amen to that!


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