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Hair Transplantation- Only One Permanent Solution for Men and Women

Posted Mar 15 2012 11:46am
People in olden days believe that there is nothing more contemptible than a bald man who pretends to have hair. But now in modern days, people are thinking bald is beautiful.  Do you know why this change?
As beauty draws us with a single hair, Men and women are equally interested in their own hair styles. But because of pollution and mental strains and tensions people are facing problems like hair loss and baldness. Famous hair experts worked, done research and finally brought up a solution called hair transplantation.
Yes, hair transplant surgery can make your hair lose or baldness to plenty and beautiful hair.  Hair loss, thin hair, short hair can also be due to genetic reasons. For this cause we say hair is god’s graffiti. But now take man’s graffiti (hair transplantation) and boost up your self confidence.
Hair transplant San Franciscois one of the fast growing national transplant centers. Men and women of San Francisco are fervently seeking for their new hair. Transplants were used for thinness and baldness of hair but it is highly developed to single hair graft to be transplanted at once.  It is the only permanent solution for both the men and women.
What is hair transplantation?
Hair transplantation is a surgical process which helps to restore the hair loss in human beings. It is considered as not a simple cosmetic surgery but a surgery which includes creativity, aesthetic skills along with surgical skills. These surgical procedures are available in Follicular Unit of Extraction (FUE), Strip Harvesting, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Ultra Refine Unit of Transplant (URFUT).
Follicular Unit of Extraction (FUE) is also called as no linear scar hair transplant. This procedure involves the hair grafts from donor site. Hair is extracted one after the other by using a punch instrument which is of 1mm size. This punch is placed inside the upper part of follicular unit. Insertion of this punch makes a small circular incision by which hair grafts will be extracted directly from the scalp region.Hair Transplant San Jose, San Francisco and other popular areas widely use this advanced and latest technique of FUE. This technique is popular and offered widely because of its
·         Less pain and a very quick procedure where a person can consume a lot of time.
·         The recovery time is also very less period and less painful comparing to other surgeries.
·         Very minimal side effects.
·         No linear scar in the donor area.
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