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Hair Transplant – Winning the War Against Balding

Posted May 16 2011 8:06am
Few things can be more frustrating or embarrassing for many people than receding hairlines and baldness.  There is really little that you can do to conceal the problem, since constantly wearing a hat is usually not an option and most wigs or toupees look far from natural.  Numerous options exist, and people have tried them all.  From creams and shampoos to pills and herbal remedies, the war against hair loss has many weapons.  For those who are serious about regaining their appearance, a hair transplant San Francisco may be the perfect choice.  Unlike other treatments, you'll see a difference immediately.
At its core, the procedure is fairly simple.  Donor hair is removed from one part of your body and implanted into the part that is suffering from hair loss.  Usually the hair is taken from a part of the head that isn't undergoing the balding process.  Hair naturally grows in follicles that contain groupings of one to four hairs.  When these hair clusters are transplanted elsewhere it mimics the natural growth of hair that is missing and helps stimulate hair growth.  Hair restoration San Francisco will create a natural looking appearance quickly, and within months of the surgery people are unlikely to even notice a difference in your hair.   
Another type of hair transplant surgery involves slicing away a strip of the scalp and moving it to another part of the head, where the grafts will provide a natural appearance.  While hair transplants are most commonly done to combat male pattern baldness, a hair surgeon San Francisco can also use it for most other types of body hair as well.  Chest hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, beards, and pubic hairs can all be replaced through hair transplant surgery.  In many cases scars from accidents or surgeries may leave a part of the body without hair, in which case this surgery will be utilized.
Many may be concerned about the expense of hair transplant surgery.  The hair transplant cost San Francisco is usually based upon the number of grafts completed during the procedure.  Prices per graft range from around three to eight dollars per graft, but five to six dollars is the average.  While that sounds low, bear in mind that several thousand grafts will normally have to be completed, pushing the total costs into the five to ten thousand dollar range on average.  But compared to the long term expense of other treatments and the importance many feel about their baldness, the price is often well worth it for the results.
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