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Hair Loss Treatment

Posted Nov 03 2008 9:02pm

Smiling Man and WomanHair Loss Treatment

Exams and Tests

  • Physicians diagnose hair loss by looking at hair amount and hair distribution. Men usually lose hair in an easily recognized pattern. Women usually have about equal hair loss from all parts of the scalp.

  • Charts with pictures of hair loss help to classify the amount and type of hair loss. These include the Hamilton and Ludwig classification charts.

  • Extra tests usually are not needed unless the diagnosis is uncertain.

  • You can do a pull test, examining the pulled hair for different thickness and length.

    Different thickness and length confirm the most common type of hair loss, androgenic alopecia.

  • Skin problems leading to hair loss may be diagnosed by taking a sample of skin and hair from the affected area. A doctor looking at this under a microscope might find skin irritation or infection as the cause.

  • If hair loss is severe or other signs of illness are present, many tests might be used, including x-rays and blood tests.

    Hair Loss transplant before and after

    Hair transplant before and after

Hair Loss Treatment

If hair loss is caused by another illness, treatment of the illness is the best treatment for hair loss. If hair loss is the only problem, then there are many ways to treat it depending on how severe the loss is.

The most important consideration to make when deciding the type of treatment is how much your hair loss bothers you.

Treatment options include grooming techniques, wigs and hairpieces, medications, and surgery.

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

  • Styling hair to cover the areas with the most hair loss is effective for mild cases. Washing and styling the hair will not cause further hair loss.

  • For more severe hair loss, wigs and hairpieces can provide good results if you are willing to try them. Either of these options can be used in combination with medications or surgery if the results of styling or the hairpiece alone are not satisfying

    HairRestoration Man

    Hair Loss Treatment

Self-Care at Home

Treatment of this problem at home is difficult.

  • Decreasing the amount of pulling and tugging of the hair will prevent loose hair from falling out, but only for a short time.

  • Most people will need to see their doctor to determine if there is a medical problem causing hair loss and to consider if treatment is indicated.

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