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Hair Loss Treatment is a Growing and Lucrative Business

Posted Jul 18 2011 7:52am
It is estimated that each year 10,000 men seek hair restoration surgeries. Because of this growing trend, new hair-loss clinics seem to crop up daily. Unfortunately there are always doctors just looking to make a quick buck. It is important to research the amount of experience of your hair surgeon San Francisco is a great location for some of the most highly regarded hair loss experts in the world.
Male pattern hair loss is cited as the leading cause of embarrassment for men, followed only by height. In the 1970s a baldness scale, called the Norwood scale, was created to describe and identify seven stages of baldness. This scale ranges from a full head of hair to a thin band of hair growing around the back and sides of the scalp.
Hair restoration surgery is extremely meticulous and requires making thousands of tiny tissue grafts. In the past hair transplants were easily recognizable and resembled dolls’ hair, which little sprouts of hair surrounded by shiny bald scalp. Now when undergoing a hair transplant procedure San Francisco patients express they are very satisfied with the natural look.
The reason for the more natural look is that each restoration requires more than 4,000 grafts of single follicular units, each containing between one and four hairs and a single sebaceous gland.  To accomplish this meticulous surgery, hair is surgically taken from areas where it exists. A team of hair restoration specialists much then dissect the removed hair into separate follicular units. Next incisions for the each of the grafts are made, and the expert team places the follicular units one at a time into each incision. The entire procedure takes about 12 hours and requires a team of approximately one dozen experts. Because of the meticulous nature, it is important to seek only the most professional hair loss treatment San Francisco experts can offer.
Do not be alarmed when most of the transplanted hair falls out in the first few weeks following the procedure. The hair will begin growing again after three or four months. Final results take about one to two years. However, in the case you are unhappy with the results, many patients successfully seek hair transplant repair San Francisco surgeons have been known to specialize in this procedure.
One thing to take into consideration is the progressive nature of male pattern baldness. A man in his twenties may experience excellent results from a hair transplant, but be plagued by bald spots on the back of his, with only the restored part remaining, in another decade or two.
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