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Hair Color and How To {Hair Care}

Posted Nov 22 2011 1:30pm
[Source: Bing Images]
Some hair coloring tips from the same magazine 'Rupayan'. Check them out and make sure you follow them next time to keep your hair beautiful and yourself looking young. Wish I had known them when I colored my hair :(

Hair Color to look young
Yes, it is true. A well-chosen hair color which has been properly applied (preferably professionally) helps you look younger than your age. On the other hand, a wrong hair color can also make you look old. 
  • So, beware and take professional help if you are not able to decide what matches your skin tone.
  • And, it is always preferable to get your hair colored professionally and 
  • then your hair should be treated with professional or salon-range products only to keep your hair soft and color looking gorgeous. 
  • Always avoid the jet black color as it makes you look old. If you want to go natural, go for dark brown instead.
  • Indian skin is flattered by darker shades with red undertones like burgundy and browns and chocolate.
  • Colored hair looks thicker than uncolored hair but it looks really unkempt if you do not take care of your hair color so always protect your hair color and devote time to hair care weekly once. 
  • Before Coloring Some of the precautions to be taken care of before coloring your hair if you are going to a do-at-home coloring job. 
  • Never apply color on freshly washed hair. It burns. I made that mistake so do not do that.
  • Always apply color on the second on third day after washing your hair as natural oils will help hold the hair color. 
  • But, never color dirty hair. Dust and dirty scalp and hair doesn't absorb color well.
  • Go for deep conditioning treatments before coloring your hair. It is important as these treatments will protect your hair to an extent and lessen the damage coloring does to the hair. 
  • Use professional treatments even if you go for home remedies. The chemicals in the professional and high-end products help protect your hair contrary to the belief that chemicals are bad for hair. 
  • Conditioning treatments also help the color to last long and weekly treatments mean shiny hair which makes color look beautiful. Hair color doesn't look good when faded. 
  • Before starting the coloring, read the instructions carefully and understand them. Follow them to the letter if this is your first time and even if not and do not exceed the time limit stipulated by the brand. 
  • How to apply Color?
  • Before starting, read the inst
  • Start applying color from the roots and proceed towards the mid length. Stop.
  • After a minute or two, comb your hair and let the color spread to the ends of your hair. This has two advantages - protects your hair ends from the full onslaught of hair coloring and lets the hair get a more natural color by blending the hair color with its natural color. 
  • Wash off the color after the stipulated time. Time the color job very carefully. 
  • Wash your hair till the water is clear and generally, you do not need to shampoo after using the color so follow with the conditioning treatments provided as an after-color procedure. Try to keep this condition treatments for 10-15 minutes as it helps bind the color to your hair and also, repairs the cuticles and seals the color in and makes your hair soft and shiny. 
  • Some tips to keep in mind
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