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Gimme Some Skin ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm

Gimme Some Skin

If you’re looking for doctor skin care that’s pure and green, check out Doctor D. Schwab. These natural skin care products were developed using information drawn from the verbal and written sources of ayurvedic medicine, Chinese, ancient Egyptian and American Indian herbal medicine. A stand out product from the Lighten, Brighten & Whiten collection, is the  Doctor D. Schwab Bamboo Cream Peel  (1) ($25). Plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Copeland draws on her knowledge of biochemistry to create products like her new  Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense  (2) ($86), which plumps up your skin without any scary injections. Samples of her products will be available this spring at  Girls Night Out

Clinique is getting back in touch with its dermatologist roots and offering  Clinique Medical  (3) in doctor’s offices. This line is specifically formulated to treat skin after procedures like laser treatments or chemical peels. If you’ve spent too much time out in the sun, the results can be a lot more immediate than you’d like: hyperpigmentation—spots and discoloration—can pop up overnight and refuse to go away. Quash it with Dermalogica’s six-piece ChromaWhite TRx Brightening Regimen  (4) ($188), packed with powerful cleansers, serums, and moisturizers.



Doctor Rock Stars

One of the most popular lines of doctor skin care would have to be that of Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a board certified clinical and research dermatologist, (and a hands down brainiac) who completed med school in just three years. Dr. Perricone is a big believer in eating a diet rich in wild Alaskan salmon, green tea and anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables. His  Perricone MD Restorative Night Treatment  (1) ($100) boasts DMAE and Sodium Hyaluronate to resurface skins texture and help you wake to a face that could launch a thousand ships. Another well-known doctor skin line is the Dr. Brandt offering, and beauty experts swear his  Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion for Face  (2) ($75) is some of the best stuff available to give your skin a wake up call. Turns out Dr. Hauschka actually passed away in 1969, but his fabulous skin care lines lives on, with many devotees including Martha Stewart, who loves  Dr. Hauschka Regerating Serum  (3) ($85), which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and helps regulate skins moisture balance. And that’s a really good thing.



Learn from their (Sk)insight 

Dr. Howard Sobel, the founder of the DDF (Doctors Dermatologic Formula) line of skin products, and has been a practicing dermatologist in NYC for over 25 years. The  DDF Acne Tackle Box  (1) ($35 for a 14-day supply) is a hit with both teenagers and adult acne sufferers alike, because no one wants to be fishing around for what is going to clear up their bad skin, results only need apply. Well-researched and concentrated ingredients are the hallmarks of the skin care line of Dr. Loretta Ciraldo. With multiple television appearances and her book Six Weeks to Sensational Skin: Dr. Loretta’s Beauty Camp for Your Freshest Face, this Miami Beach dermatologist has a lot of wisdom to impart. She offers specific products to treat redness and rosacea, including her  Dr. Loretta Duo Cleanse  (2) ($23). This cleanser helps improve both the look of pores and surface skin. MD Skincare is the brainchild of Dr. Dennis Gross, another famous NYC dermatologist.  MD Skincare All-in-One Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15  (3) ($44) has just a touch of skin perfecting color and firms and smoothes as it protects you from the sun. You’ve likely seen Patricia Wexler MD in magazines such as Allure—she’s got the credentials and experience to be doling out advice to grief stricken skin patients. Her  Patricia Wexler MD Dermatology Intensive 3-in-1 Eye Cream  (4) ($32.50) is a multi tasker that will bring you lifted, tighter skin.

Sometimes a visit to your dermatologist is all you need to clear up mysteries of lines, dryness, redness and dullness. Don’t be shy, because whenever you are ready to commit, the skin doctor is always in.

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