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Gillette Venus Perfect Match: Introducing Venus Snap with Embrace and Venus Embrace Sensitive

Posted Mar 21 2014 3:44pm

Disclosure: While this post was sponsored by Venus, as always, all opinions remain my own

Gillette Venus Snap Razor

Last week, I gave you guys a peek at the videos I was part of for the Venus Perfect Match campaign, which is all about finding the Perfect Match razor for your skin and lifestyle needs.

Obviously, when you’re talking about a Perfect Match in life, it means that you compliment each other. You help each other to be your best. You’re there for each other and you just get each other.

For me, my Perfect Match is obviously E.: I look back on all the missteps and confusion I had while dating, and it’s almost comical remembering how many square pegs/round hole situations there were. But with your Perfect Match, everything falls into place. There are no uphill battles, no beating back against the current, no fruitless struggling that seems to go nowhere. Oh, sure, there will be fights–we’re only human!–but when it’s right, it’s just easy.

So that’s love, but what about finding your Perfect Match with a razor? I’ve certainly been underwhelmed over the years, using razors without really thinking about them and definitely never thinking, “Yes! This is the one!”

But then I found the Venus + Olay razor, which contains extra moisture so that you don’t need to use shaving cream, and I fell in lazy-girl love. It’s definitely my Perfect Match razor.

The fact is, you can find a razor that works perfectly for you, which is why Venus has introduced two new razors in their Perfect Match campaign: Venus Snap with Embrace and Venus Embrace Sensitive.

Here’s the breakdown:

Venus Snap with Embrace features a Venus Embrace blade refill on a mini handle in a convenient and cute compact. It’s designed to be portable, so it can conveniently go anywhere you might need instant smoothness: your desk drawer, your car, your gym bag, your purse. It has 5-blades surrounded by a Protective Ribbon of Moisture for easy glide, and the mini-handle is interchangeable with Venus Embrace blade refills. All you need to do is wet the razor and you’re good to go! The goal is instant smoothness in a snap, which definitely comes in handy when you’re out and about and realize (horror of horrors!) that you’re forgotten to shave under your arms. This may or may not have happened to me a time or twenty.

The other new razor is Venus Embrace Sensitive, which features 5 thin, floating, spring-mounted blades spaced closely together for reduced pressure per blade, and an enhanced Ribbon of Moisture with a touch of aloe and increased lubricants for a close shave, with less irritation. My skin is, sadly, sensitive all over my body and I flake really easily on my legs, so this is a great razor if you’re in the same boat.

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor

Tweet me @nadinejolie and @GilletteVenus letting us know what your #VenusPerfectMatch is, and don’t forget to watch the Behind the Scenes videos on the Gillette Venus YouTube page here !

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace and Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive can be purchased at .

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