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Getting The Right Concealer For You!

Posted Feb 16 2010 4:01am

Everyone I know is always on the hunt for the most perfect concealer to hide those dark under eye circles that we have NO control over

preventing! But we DO have control over covering them!!

As a makeup artist, I know one of the key things to getting myself and my clients looking their most bright eyed and bushy tailed, is to conquer their dark spots under their eyes. So it takes a little extra time, but is totally worth it in the end. I am always amazed how good Jennifer Lopez, 40 year old mom of twins, looks the older she gets. I'm sure she doesn't get a whole lotta sleep with the kiddos and all the projects she takes on, yet she always looks so alive and awake, thanks to the perfect concealing techniques!! Her February Elle magazine cover and story just reinforces that this woman has it goin on.

Here are some tips and cover up products to help you fight those pesky dark demons:

1. Tip.

All under eye circles have either a brownish undertone, or a purple/blue undertone. If you fall in the brown category- your weapon of choice should include a peachish toned concealer. If you fall into the blue/purple category, you should choose a yellow based concealer to counteract the problem.

2. Product.

For the yellow and purple/blue problem, try Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer ($28) that actually gives you both colors in one easy palette, yellow AND your darker hue! The consistency is definitely a medium to full coverage, so a little goes a long way.

3. Tip

. Always put your concealer on AFTER your foundation, then set it with some translucent powder. This layering technique gives you ultimate staying power.

3. Product.

Budget conscience women always want to know good drugstore concealer options, so here are some of the best (for you women that money is no problem, wait, your turn is coming, and I hate you, wink wink):

4. Tip.

Make sure the color of your concealer is basically the same color as your skin tone- NOT 2 and 3 shades lighter!! This gives you the dreaded raccoon eyes and puts more of a spotlight on those pesky little problems. I sometimes even swipe a bit of light bronzer over the concealed area just to make sure I didn't go too light on my concealer.

5. Product

. Okay, so if you want to buy a really expensive concealer because you don't care what it takes to hide that problem area, I've got the product for you. The ever talked about and acclaimed, Cle de Peau Beaute (shown above) at the shocking price of $70 bucks a stick!! Although I've never had the luxury of using this product myself, it's won tons of magazine awards and is used by top makeup artists in the beauty biz. If I had 70 bucks to burn, I'd try it out, but I don't. But if you have tried it, I'd LOOOOVE to hear if the everyday woman thinks it's worth the price tag!

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