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Fraxel Laser

Posted Nov 03 2008 9:02pm 1 Comment
The second generation of Fraxel Laser treatments recently came onto the market, and, after a thorough evaluation, we felt it would be a wonderful addition to our offerings for skin enhancement. It is the first laser which can be used on all skin types, including extremely dark tones. At WMGI, our patient population is amazingly diverse, and many of our Asian and darker complexioned patients could not benefit from laser treatments, as the risks of pigmentation alterations with other devices were substantial.

Fraxel laser treatments

Fraxel laser treatments

The Fraxel Laser has several applications and has FDA clearance for the following treatments:

1. Wrinkles around the eyes
2. Age and sun spots (pigmented lesions)
3. Brown spots and Mask of pregnancy (Melasma)
4. Acne scars and surgical scars
5. Skin resurfacing
Although results can vary, we are extremely impressed. Our observations are that large pores shrink dramatically, wrinkles are reduced, brown spots fade away, and the area treated looks much younger and healthier. While we typically recommend a specially priced package of five treatment sessions to achieve the maximal benefit, many patients see great results much sooner. Fraxel Laser results are long lasting so long as the skin receives continued proper care.

Fraxel Laser Effect

Laser Effect

The Fraxel Laser treatments are not inexpensive, but are a great value for patients seeking to treat the conditions noted above. For patients wanting to look their best and wishing to avoid a surgical face lift or a deep, invasive, ablative requiring a lot of downtime and additional risks, the Fraxel Laser offers unparalleled performance and results. All of us at WMGI love the Fraxel Laser, use it ourselves, and can enthusiastically recommend it to virtually all of our interested patients.

Like any important investment, care must be taken. A Fraxel Laser therapy course should never be seen as a "stand-alone" therapy. Working closely with our aesthetic team is very crucial to ensuring your successful outcome and satisfaction. Fraxel therapy should always go hand-in-hand with aesthetic skin both to prepare and maintain the skin before and after treatments, and many patients love the end results when the Fraxel are combined with Botox Cosmetic and dermal skin filler anti aging treatments.

Fraxel Laser before and afterFraxel Laser before and after

As we always remind patients, lasers are both wondrous tools for beautification and potentially very dangerous if used incorrectly. All of the physicians and nurses who operate our Fraxel Laser are laser-certified specialists who take their role extremely seriously. Great care is always taken to properly assess your skin type so as to use the proper settings, and medical histories are reviewed and proper skin care both before and after the treatments, is emphasized. At WMGI, we take our aesthetic medicine as seriously as we take all of the other aspects of comprehensive women's health care we provide. Your health and safety is our priority at all times.

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Can you please tell me how I would find a doctor or laser technician to perform CP6 laser facelift/skin tightening or whatever it would be called?  Thanks - Stephanie


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