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Food: Chocolate Cherry Beer

Posted Sep 18 2008 12:00am

Leave it to Slashfood to tempt me with another drink recipe to try at home - this time with beer, to create a Chocolate Covered Cherry beer.

In their post, linked above, the Lancaster Brewing Company has been mixing two of their beers to create a Chocolate Covered Strawberry beer - using their Lancaster Milk Stout and Strawberry Wheat beers, to become a beer that tastes almost like a strawberry beer milkshake (according to the writer).

Mixing beers isn't uncommon - the Black and Tan is always a favorite (and Ben and Jerry's turned it into an awesome ice cream flavor, by the way)...Carbomb...Sake bomb...Shandy...there are plenty of them out there. The Slashfood writer suggests using a dark stout with chocolate or coffee notes in it, and mixing it with a fruit beer. Guinness is a good standby for the stout half of the recipe.

Being the liquor/beer aficionado, the BF couldn't resist trying this out, and we tried making a Black and Cherry with some Sam Adams Cherry Wheat with Wells and Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout. Verdict? Awesomeness :)

Then Slashfood hit again with a review of Southern Tier Brewing Company's Creme Brulee stout. The BF and I noticed this beer when we were looking for stout, but since neither of us had tried it before, we opted to go with a stout that we both liked. When a review says a beer tastes like vanilla dessert, you can't help but have a little curiosity! The BF picked up the Creme Brulee stout and Southern Tier's Cherry Saison to try antoher Chocolate Cherry mix. The saison has quite a bit of spice to it, which isn't bad, but I prefer fruity beers.

Glass half full with Cherry Saison (and that is the BF's official beer mug from our vacation this summer =D)

Full glass with Creme Brulee Stout added - doesn't layer the way Guinness does, but who cares when it tastes like vanilla beer? (really, it tastes better than it sounds.)

Both versions that we made turned out well - and I would definitely make them again. The stouts are heavy beers and hit you hard (ok, they hit ME hard, even with just a sip or two, being a lightweight and all), so I would use less stout and more fruit beer for my serving, but you can mix it up any way you wish.

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