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Fitness Tips for Brides {Bridal Files}

Posted Mar 16 2012 2:49am
Simple routine changes in daily lifestyle can impact out fitness levels to a lot of extent. And, then, you really have to look fit and glowing on your D-Day. So, a little effort wouldn't go amiss.

Sleep at 10 and wake up at 6
This is probably the best tip I can ever use on myself and give to someone. Why? Early Birds have benefits of controlled weight and higher energy levels and the skin also glows in better health.

I myself have seen difference in my skin when I used to sleep at 10. It revitalizes better if you sleep early . And, you don't even have the danger of over-sleep because your daily need of sleep gets fulfilled by the time it is 6 or 7 in the morning. And, then, the early morning sun rays are really good for skin, hair and body overall.
Eat small and regular mealsEating four times a day really helps your body's metabolism and the better your body digests the food, the better it can extract nutrition from it and feed you from the inside. Make sure you take a lot of fiber and liquids as it is summers now. And, starch also doesn't come amiss in this season so include rice in your diet. And, always chew your food properly before swallowing.
Breathe DeeplyIt helps better intake of oxygen and improves the oxygen levels in the body which in turn helps in better functioning of the organs and better blood circulation. Also, it helps your brain function faster. Read more about how deep breathing helps the body here .
Hope these tips help you :) Pin It

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