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Facts about the annoying toothaches

Posted Mar 26 2010 10:47am

Toothache usually refers to the pain you feel around your teeth, gums or jaw. In most cases toothaches are caused by problems of your teeth or gums, and dental cavity: a decayed tooth, muscle spasms due to bubble gum chewing, etc..

Severity of a toothache can vary. Pain may be aggravated by chewing bubble gum or you can sensitivity due to heat or cold food or beverages. An oral examination that includes X-rays can help determine the cause, if the pain comes from a tooth or gum problem.

woman brushing her teeth, toothache Sometimes, a toothache can be caused by a problem that has nothing to do with teeth or gums. Pain around the teeth or gums may be symptoms of heart disease, ear or sinus infection.

The most common cause of toothache is dental cavities.
Another cause could be gum disease or, more simply explained, inflamed gums. Early symptoms can include gum bleeding, but without any pain. The pain is a more advanced symptom of gingivitis. Unfortunately, gingivitis can lead to loss of healthy teeth.
Gingivitis treatment and proper oral hygiene involve removing plaque.
If you accuse such pain it would be advisable to consult the dentist quick and fix this problem and determine the causes of this disease.

Be aware of peridontosis, this is an awful disease caused by a virus or can be genetically transmitted.

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